Registration closes May 1st.  We hope you decide to join us for our 3rd season.  To register, please click on REGISTER at the top of the page.  Scroll down to see more information about our high school league.

Standings, Schedules and Playoff Brackets


Age Level

As Wisconsin’s largest youth baseball league, we are able to divide our leagues by both competition and geography.  This allows us to offer the most competitive leagues from top to bottom, while also limiting travel.  We offer more age levels than anyone, with leagues for ages 7U-18U and new for the 2021 season we are offering 6U and 7U Coach Pitch leagues.  We provide the best overall experience and value to our teams and their families, there is a reason we are Wisconsin’s Youth Baseball League.  Nearly 300 teams can’t be wrong.

7U-8U leagues play 12-14 games, 9U-14U leagues play 14-18 games, the 15U-18U leagues play 12 games and our new 6U-7U Coach Pitch league will play a 10-12 game season.  All leagues will have a single elimination playoff to follow the regular season with all teams making the playoffs.  With a regular season stretching over 13-14 weeks for our 7U-14U teams, 7-8 weeks for our 15U-18U teams, and 9-10 weeks for the 6U-7U Coach Pitch teams, this means teams do not play more than one game a week, most weeks.  This allows teams that enjoy playing regularly in weekend tournaments the opportunity to play against solid competition during the week, without forfeiting much needed practice time. Our flexible scheduling policy allows coaches to arrange their own schedule, avoiding conflicts.

Registration fee includes 2 dozen game balls, a NFHS rule book to new teams, umpire scheduling, league administration, trophies, access to discounted tournaments and reasonably priced liability insurance if needed.  Our best in the business website provides a great online experience for coaches, players and their families.  Join us for our 18th season in 2021.

Registration for ages 7U-14U closes October 1st, 2020, 15U-18U closes May 1st, 2021 and for the 6U-7U Coach Pitch league registration closes March 1st, 2021.  To register please click on the REGISTER option in the upper right corner of the screen.  If you have any questions about the MAJOR Youth Baseball League or the MAJOR High School League, please click on the CONTACT US option at the top or bottom of this page.



As a league we are committed to provide a safe and positive environment for all our players.  Our You’re Safe commitment makes sure all our umpires have no history of violence or crimes against children.  We stay up to date on all NOCSAE standards to make sure the equipment our players use is safe.

Since 2018 all MAJOR YBL umpires have been certified You’re Safe umpires.  We are the only youth baseball league in Wisconsin that conducts background checks on all our umpires, making sure when you play in the MAJOR YBL, You’re Safe.  Anyone with a history of violence against anyone is not allowed to umpire.


Register today for the 2021 MAJOR High School League!

Registration fee for all leagues include 2 dozen game balls (a $100 value), umpire scheduling, league administration and customer service, trophies, access to discounted tournaments, and access to reasonably priced liability insurance if needed.  Also included is access to the best in business website offering a great online experience for coaches, players and their families.  

Registration fee for the 15U-18U leagues is ONLY $300.  

Registration will close May 1st, 2021.  To register please click on the Register option in the upper right corner of this page.  

Registration for the 2022 MAJOR Youth Baseball League (ages 7U-14U, coach pitched 6U & 7U) will open May 1st 2021.

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